Reaching out to New People: What the Bible says about Evangelism.

On Wed. April 19th, we begin a new study called, “Reaching out to New People: What the Bible says about Evangelism.”   This new Cell Group study will happen each Wednesday night at 6:00 pm at the Senatobia Library.  In each Cell group meeting participants will discuss the Bible passages together, making application to our lives and then have a time of prayer for the needs of our group.

Reaching out to new people should be a priority for every church but is a necessity for a new church plant.   Christ has given us the Great Commission (Matthew 28) and has said we would be His witnesses (Acts 1:8).  Sharing the Gospel is a matter of obedience.  To cultivate this attitude in our group, we will look at Six passages that speak to Evangelism.  This will be from the small group study “Evangelism” produced by Anchored in Truth.  We will look at 1st Timothy 2:1-8; 2 Corinthians 5:17-21; John 9; Acts 3:1-10; Mark 12:29-31 and John 3:16.   We will pray for lost people who don’t know Christ as well as cultivate a compassion in our hearts for the lost, realizing that we were just where they are at one time.  God’s Grace is amazing and can reach anyone.

After we examine what the Bible says in these passages we will then begin a training time called, “The Way of the Master.”  This evangelism training course (  follows the example of Jesus when he spoke with the Rich Young Ruler in Mark 10.

We will watch DVD lessons  and then answer questions in student books.  We will also have the opportunity to “role play” by practicing what we have learned.  A Special Thank you to Great Commission Church for providing student books and the DVD training course, as well as Gospel Tracts for us to use for this course of study.


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