The 12 Disciples of Christ and upcoming Conferences

Phase 1 of Grace Life of Senatobia was the beginning of a Wednesday night Cell Group.  This group meets each week to study the Bible, discuss and apply it’s truths and pray for one another. The core group is forming and we are encouraged.  Phase 2 is the beginning of once a month Worship Services on Sunday nights.  In these services we are going through a series on the 12 disciples.  Phase 3 involves the beginning of Sunday Morning Worship Services.  These will begin, Lord willing, in the next few months.

So Who were the 12 disciples?  Who were these men who followed Christ?

So far we have looked at Matthew, Peter and Andrew.

To listen to these sermons, just click on the name.

On January 28th, we will look at the disciple, James.  This Worship Service will be at 6:00 pm at 222 South Ward Street, Senatobia.

In February we will enjoy conferences at our sponsor church and our partner church. We will have a booth at both conferences.

February 15th through the 17th,  Grace Life Church in Muscle Shoals, Al, will host the True Church Conference.  This conference has been used by the Lord in a great way over the last few years.  This conference began in 2007 as a training conference for pastors and church leaders who are striving to build true (biblically healthy) churches.  It has become a catalyst for church planting as well.  The conference themes have included Conversion,Repentance, Discipleship, Hyper-Calvinism and The Family, among others.   This year the theme is “Important traits of a true church that are often missed.”   For more information and conference distinctives go to

True Church Conference.

Great Commission Church in Olive Branch will host the Great Commission Conference February 23-25.  Great Commission Church is a church focused on fulfilling the Great Commission.  The conference will feature missionary reports as well as dynamic preaching and Worship.  GCC has encouraged us and sent mission teams to Senatobia to help us reach out into the community, seeking to share the Gospel and discover people that we can follow up on later.

As always if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you.



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