Grace Life Schedule for 2019.

Grace Life of Senatobia: Upcoming Schedule:  Summer 2019

Sunday Worship Services:  11:00 am

Singing, Praying, Giving and Preaching from 2nd Timothy:  11:00 am

Wednesday Nights: 6 PM Study, discussion and prayer time. 

June 19 Satan and Demons

June 26 Week Off (Twilleys on vacation)

July 3 Spiritual Disciplines: Bible reading, Prayer and Fasting

July 10 Ray Comfort Video

July 13 Saturday: Outreach/Evangelism

July 17 Creation

July 24 Mankind

July 31 The Person of Christ

Aug. 7 Christ’s atonement

Aug. 14 Christ Resurrection and Ascension

Aug. 21st Peacemaker Study begins. 

Go to for sermons and more information about our church. 

Our Core Group is forming and growing as we pray together and the Lord increases our love for one another.    We will start weekly Worship on  Easter Sunday.  

You can now give to fulfill the Great Commission in Senatobia and around the World by giving to “Grace Life Church of Senatobia” Part of our offerings support our church plant and a percentage of our offerings go to support missions in parts of the US and the World that desperately need the Gospel: Wisconsin, Utah and in other countries like: the Philippines, Scotland, Vienna, and London,

Go to for sermons on: 2nd Timothy, The 12 Disciples,  The 10 Commandments, The book of Romans, 1st Timothy, Titus Also “like” our Facebook page to receive news and updates: “Grace life of Senatobia”

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