Cell group meetings are happening every Wednesday night at the Senatobia library at 6:00 pm.   In this group, we fellowship, study and discuss the Bible and pray.  The group discussion is focused on application to our lives with a time of prayer as well.   Children are welcome as they have their separate time of songs, bible story and games.  These cell gatherings are distinct and compliment our Monthly Worship Services.

Starting in January we will do a study called, “Different by Design”: what does the Bible teach about men and women? We will study and discuss several passages that talk about gender.   In a confused world, this is an important topic.  Come and learn together with us.

January 2:  Different by Design, week #1, “Creation to Corruption”

January 6: January Worship Service at Eudora Baptist Church (Baptism) 6:00 pm

January 9 Different by Design continues, week #2,                                                                “The Case for Authority and Submission”

January  23 Different by Design, week #3, “Marriage as it was meant to be”

January 30, Different by Design, week #4, “The Excellent wife at work”

February 6, Different by Design, week #5, “A Different plan in God’s plan”

February 13, Different by Design, week #6, “The Church’s leading men”

Feb 14-17:  True Church Conference,  Grace Life in Muscle Shoals, Al. 

February 20:  Report and a Message from the True Church Conference:

February 27, Different by Design, week #7, “God’s High Call for women”

March 6, Different by Design, week #8, “The Character of Service”

Our Core Group is forming and growing as we pray together and the Lord increases our love for one another.    We are praying right now about starting on Easter Sunday.  

You can now give to fulfill the Great Commission in Senatobia and around the World by giving to “Grace Life Church of Senatobia” Part of our offerings support our church plant and a percentage of our offerings go to support missions in parts of the US and the World that desperately need the Gospel: Wisconsin, Utah and in other countries like: the Philippines, Scotland, Vienna, London, and India.    

Go to www.gracelifesentobia.org for sermons on: The 12 Disciples,  The book of Romans, 1st Timothy, Titus Also “like” our Facebook page to receive news and updates: “Grace life of Senatobia”